Value creation in the metaverse - McKinsey & Company report

Value creation in the metaverse - McKinsey & Company report

Posted on 26 June 2022

McKinsey & Company has now compiled a 72-page report on the Metaverse globally.

Interesting fact that in the first half of 2022 alone, more than $120bn has been spent on Metaverse propositions, and we’re only just getting started. This report has some great infographics, definitions of what they think will make up ‘the Metaverse’ in terms of products, technology, and services, and some interesting survey data as well.

Here is a quick summary of what's in the McKinsey report:
- What is the Metaverse
- Who is investing & areas of investment
- Consumer and B2B behaviour
- Size and value of Metaverse
- Strategies and tactics for businesses to capture value in the Metaverse
- Consumer and executive surveys about the Metaverse
- Financial and industry forecast models

To download the full report on the Value creation in the metaverse click this link.

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