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  • Chief Digital Innovation Officer

    APAC , DXC Technology

    ​Very occasionally you come across a talent specialist like Matt who brings a rare mix of skill and attitude that not only delivers spectacular results but makes clients and candidates feel truly valued. I’ve worked with Matt as both a candidate and a client and have always been extremely impressed by the care he takes in understanding you and your needs. I highly recommend Matt and look forward to a long association with him in the future.

  • Global Head of Transformation

    APAC , Independent Consulting

    ​Matt is a highly skilled and knowledgeable executive recruiter in the Business Agility Space at Enterprise C Level, Portfolio, Program and, Team levels. He gets it, and can have intelligent strategic outcomes focussed discussions. A very rare breed. I would highly recommend Matt.

  • Global Head of UX

    Global , Breville

    In a crowded space for talent sourcing in Sydney, Matt stood out thanks to his in-depth knowledge in the UX design space. I've known Matt for nearly four years now, and he's been a great help in getting quality design talents for my current team at Breville. Throughout our engagement in the recruiting process, Matt would personally invest in making sure that each candidate put in front of you is worth your time. In this case, Matt is more of a partner in your quest to get the talents onboard your team. I've been pleased how each people he recommended has been a great fit in our organisation.

  • Lead Product Designer & UX Engineer

    Sydney , Breville Group

    ​Matt is hands down, the ONLY recruiter I've met that really gets the UX scene in Sydney, the good the bad, and the ugly!.After my 30+ years in the industry and dealing with countless recruiters, he has been the best. Talk to Matt if you need someone that understands good UX culture, that will help you find your people, and who gets how innovation really happens. At the end of the day, it's about bringing talented UX people together - and that's what Matt does. I could not recommend Matt highly enough.

  • Head of Agility

    ANZ , Accenture

    Matt is simply a pleasure to deal with. He understands the business agility space initmately and has a strong personal network he leverages to ensure you get the right person for the right job. I have found Matt to be super reliable and always responsed/attentive to my random requests. Nothing is ever too much trouble for him and he always conducts himself with the highest of integrity.

  • Agile Expert - Principal Consultant

    APAC , McKinsey Digital

    ​It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Matt. I’ve worked with Matt multiple times for placing me in various roles and it has been an amazing experience. He is very passionate to help his stakeholders especially I am amazed by his subject matter expertise in Agile, Business Transformation, and Product Design that he brings to the table. I am also very much impressed by his connections and network that help his candidates get a huge set of options to work in their passion areas. Anyone working with Matt would highly benefit from his passion and deep understanding of the latest in the market and get the best value working with him.

  • Digital Transformation - Practice Partner

    ANZ , DXC Technology

    Matt is an outstanding recruiter who is always able to identify top talent and ensures they are also the right cultural fit. He truly understands our business model and can convey our mission to potential candidates as if he is part of the DXC Digital Transformation Centre. I deal with Matt daily not only as his client but also as a partner on several social impact opportunities to help vulnerable communities. If there is anyone who can help you find the right person for the job, it’s Matt!

  • Blockchain Agile Delivery Manager

    APAC , Block8

    ​I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Matt for a couple of years now. He’s the type of recruiter who “gets it”, the needs of the business and candidates alike. His in-depth knowledge of agile methodologies and concepts is amazing. He not only helped me in my entire recruitment process but also coached me through it, that’s what I would call going above and beyond! He is a seasoned professional when it comes to roles/needs in business agility, coaching, and organisational transformations. Having an industry expertise and robust connections he is an asset to both candidates as well as clients. I would highly recommend Matt and look forward to work with him again in near future.

  • Managing Partner

    APAC , Memetic

    Matt combines a number of key skills that drive better delivery. He is a natural leader and can quickly identify the skills and drivers of people that can be aligned to work needed. He is equally a brilliant product leader, able to prioritise and execute in rapidly changing environments. Above those skills, Matt brings a passion for understanding the state of the industry, which includes customer behaviour both in B2C and B2B settings. He is aware of what businesses need today and tomorrow and how the talent can deliver it. I’d highly recommend Matt to create and lead teams to great success.

  • Product Coach & Agile Practice Lead

    Sydney , Dovetail

    ​I’ve known Matt for almost four years now and can honestly say that he is one of the most knowledgeable recruitment professionals in the industry especially when it comes to the Product and Agile space and roles within. Matt is always actively learning about the industry and ways of working through Meetups including Product meetups, training courses and conferences as well as from peers. He is always one of the first people I reach out to regarding questions I have about market trends and emerging roles such as Product Ops as well as for new opportunities personally. Matt is also one of the most generous people when it comes to sharing his time and insights. I’m proud to be part of Matt’s network and can highly recommend him to any organisations or candidates who are in the market for new opportunities.

  • Managing Partner - Public Sector

    ANZ , DXC Technology

    Matt won’t just find you people - he helps you understand that what you’re really looking for is how to attract value. That’s what Matt is to me - he’s a compatriot that sees life as truly about the power of elevating one another and there is no-one better. Matt and I have formed a deep bond of trust and value through a common mission to make a difference to the lives of people that really need it. If you want someone in your life to give a damn about you as a person and increase the value of your business at the same time, then immediately reach out and speak to him.

  • Technical Lead & Principal Engineer

    Sydney , Hypothesis Consulting

    ​Matt's always been more of a friend to me than a recruiter. His insights into the industry are second to none and his expertise in the software development space is extraordinary, to say the least. However, the best skill he possesses is his integrity and honesty which results in an absolutely transparent process throughout.Matt's helped me secure 2 roles in the last 4 years and both have been aligned to my career progression rather than just another job. He's always there to understand what I really need to do next in my career and figure out the best match for that rather than selling a job. For me, this is definitely exceptional as I never get a feeling that someone is just selling you a job. I'd recommend Matt to anyone looking for the next move in the market and also to any organisation big or small trying to get the best talent as he just gets it and makes a perfect match.

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